» Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) workshops were held for Income Generating Pilot Projects of AzRIP-2


Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) workshops were held for Income Generating Pilot Projects of AzRIP-2

21-05-2013, 15:57, Saw: 436

Second Rural Investment Project organized Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) workshops in Eregit (Ismayilli rayon), Gaysa (Balaken rayon) and Yukhari Aghali (Bilasuvar rayon) selected for implementing income generating pilot projects in North and Mughan-Salyan zones. The workshops aimed at analyzing community’s income generating fields, prioritizing available income generation activities through open ballot and electing Business Group through secret ballot brought together over 550 community members, PMU, PAT and ROO staff and the World Bank mission. Second Rural Investment Project Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager Gulbaniz Ganbarova, the World Bank Task Team Leader for AzRIP-2 Daniel Owen, World Bank Operations Officer Myrtle Diachok, ROO Program Specialists Akif Kerimli (North zone), Farida Eminova (Mughan-Salyan zone), business mobilizer Ahmad Aliyev, PAT Prime Trainer Tunzala Hajiyeva and other representatives attended the workshops.

Speeches highlighted the purpose of the workshops and importance of income generation projects to be held in Gaysa, Eregit and Yukhari Aghali communities and attention paid by Second Rural Investment Project to market-driven activities in the communities having social values. Detailed information was provided about objectives in this field which includes identification, assessment, coordination and collaboration of socially active communities possessing social values and providing them with technical and financial support. Selection criteria were explained to the community representatives. Workshop attendees were recommended to pay close attention to analyzing and ranking income-generation activities and electing Business Group.
Next, parallel group discussions were held to analyze and compare income-generation activities and existing problems were prioritized through open ballot. Five top priorities were ranked during the process.
Gaysa community: I-Incubator workshop, II-Hazelnut processing workshop, III- Pastry workshop, IV-Packaging workshop (fruits and vegetables), V-Dairy processing workshop
Eregit community: I-Bazaar, II-Juice workshop, III-Sewing workshop, IV- Stone workshop, V-Poultry
Yukhari Aghali community: I-Fodder workshop, II-Wedding palace, III-Beauty salon, IV-Sewing workshop, V-Milk collection
As ultimate result of PRA workshops, Business Groups were elected through secret ballot and each group consisted of five members.

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